The snow arrived just in time for Christmas.

The frigid temps followed,
cementing our snowy fate.

There is something oddly comforting about gearing up for winter weather –
the thermal underwear, snow pants, scarves, mitten, hats, boots, parkas, face masks
that promise to keep me safe and warm and waddling about in clothes
that have swollen in size with each layer.

My dogs can barely contain themselves.

Perplexed as to why I require so much prep time,
they don’t hesitate to voice their impatience.

Don’t I know the wonders that await outside our door?


That’s why I go out.
Every day.
No matter how cold it is.

I love the way the day feels on my face.

It’s an unapologetically crisp reminder that I am alive
and as long as there is fresh air and sunshine,
I will find a way to breathe them in to my core
and animate my being in such a way that
sparks as much joy in my soul
as it does in my dogs’ tails.