A few months ago I took a trip that changed my life.

I went to the pyramids of Teotihuacan with a shaman and a group of sixteen other women who together comprise the Wildflower Women’s Collective.

Teo is known as the place where “Man Becomes God” or in our case, “Women Become Goddesses”.  It lived up to its promise.

I had been successfully avoiding “the call” for quite some time, but this time my soul insisted there be no more dilly-dallying. The planet is in pain and the time is now for transformational coaches and healers to activate their superpowers and let the healing begin.

But before any of us can heal the world, we have to heal ourselves. This requires a deep dive into the truth of who we are – light and dark, creator and destroyer, lover and fighter, and all things magnificent and unmentionable.

You understand why I avoided the call for half a century?

In all honesty I wasn’t avoiding it so much as not stepping fully into it. I had many moments of recognition of who I was and what that would require of me and I chose not to fully act on this information.

Partly because it made me seem too woo-woo and strange to most people and partly because I didn’t know what I was doing. Most times it just felt like I was making stuff up.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I told myself I was just playing around and pretending to know stuff, command the elements, and manifest the miraculous.

But the truth is, I do know stuff. I can command air, fire, earth, and water.  I can manifest the miraculous.  And you can too.

I got my first real sense of this power when I started a tapping practice. Tapping allows me to move massive amounts of energy and get at the root causes, vows, and agreements that keep me stuck in certain emotional loops. (The last post –  The Vows – was written after a tapping session.)

Tapping with a group can intensify the results. For me, learning to manage this energy has been tricky. After one particularly powerful group tapping session, I threw up for three days. Since I hadn’t been sick in over 10 years, this got my attention. Even though I can’t actually see the energy, I have to respect it and take the necessary precautions to work with it.

Just as a surgeon scrubs in and prepares herself and her patients with the proper pre-surgery protocols, I have learned to do the same.  I’ve established a set of rituals and boundaries that protect me and my clients while allowing the energy to move in and through us.

For me this is a combination of applying essential oils, calling in my Divine Assistance Team to open to the energy, grounding myself by feeling my feet firmly on the floor, and then releasing it all by grounding again when the process is complete.

It’s a bit like riding a dragon.  Wild, unruly, daring, powerful, potentially dangerous, out of control, magical, miraculous, breathtaking, thrilling, and unimaginably mind-blowing.

So, yes, if you intend to ride a dragon, riding lessons are required.

Today I start a series of classes with shaman Meghan Gilroy called The Secrets of Shamanism to hone my skills and train my dragon for more consistent and intentional results.

Because as Meghan was told by her mentor, riding a dragon can be alternatively  terrifying and exhilarating. But in the end you realize you are riding a frickin’ dragon.

Amazing! Who gets to do that?

You do, if you choose.


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