Lately, as I play my way to prosperity in my online Pennies From Heaven game, I’ve been embracing the idea of radical self-forgiveness and love. No calling in of abundance can truly take hold until I clear out the unconscious vows and beliefs that have been repelling it.

For me, it all starts with my body.

Many decades ago I convinced myself that my weight equaled my worth, so I did whatever I needed to do to stay thin and “acceptable”.

Unfortunately that meant starving myself and nearly losing my life to anorexia.

You’d never know it now.

You’d never suspect that a battle can erupt anytime despite a cease fire offered up years ago to stop the causalities. The loss of confidence, self-esteem, and inability to truly step into my power whenever the scale tips out of my favor can still be devastating.

So I’m trying a new approach.

Radical self-forgiveness.

Radical self-acceptance.

Radical self-love.

Not just for me, but for generations of women in my lineage and culture who have felt the shame of being in a body that has wants and needs that have to be held in check and stifled in order to be acceptable.

One way I’ve learned to put this into practice every day is through Ho’opononopono.  Instead of allowing the unconscious insults I’ve internalized to attack me as I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror before stepping into the shower, I say these four declarations of love and forgiveness to every part of my body from head to toe.

  • I’m sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • I love you.
  • Thank you.

Showering myself with this kind of intense love has the power to undo years of criticism.  By getting every single cell on board with idea that it is safe to be me in all my imperfections I am able to move forward and be seen as the powerful and passionate person I am.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

In truth, sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything is happening at all.

But when the moment arises and I have a choice to criticize, judge, or shame myself into submission and I choose acceptance, curiosity, and love, I know it’s working.

Here are the words that wanted to come through in my journal writing this morning.

  • My body knows what it needs to heal
  • My body knows what it needs to feel nourished
  • My body knows what it needs to eat and when, how it likes to move and why, when it needs to rest and for how long
  • Honoring, accepting, acknowledging, and giving thanks to my body every day is non-negotiable
  • At my core I am a Cosmic Creation – who am I to reject that??
  • In order to do my best work, think my clearest and cleanest thoughts, and take Inspired Action, I must have all cells on board, beaming with light and love and a sprinkling/sparkling of pixie dust.

What about you?  Your body is a wonderland.  How do you honor your Cosmic Creation?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.