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Wonder Awaits — January 6, 2018

Wonder Awaits


The snow arrived just in time for Christmas.

The frigid temps followed,

cementing our snowy fate.

There is something oddly comforting about gearing up for winter weather –

the thermal underwear, snow pants, scarves, mitten, hats, boots, parkas, face masks

that promise to keep me safe and warm and waddling about in clothes

that have swollen in size with each layer.

My dogs can barely contain themselves.

Perplexed as to why I require so much prep time,

they don’t hesitate to voice their impatience.

Don’t I know the wonders that await outside our door?


That’s why I go out.

Every day.

No matter how cold it is.

I love the way the day feels on my face.

It’s an unapologetically crisp reminder that I am alive

and as long as there is fresh air and sunshine,

I will find a way to breathe them in to my core

and animate my being in such a way that

sparks as much joy in my soul

as it does in my dogs’ tails.


Riding the Dragon — November 29, 2017

Riding the Dragon


A few months ago I took a trip that changed my life.

I went to the pyramids of Teotihuacan with a shaman and a group of sixteen other women who together comprise the Wildflower Women’s Collective.

Teo is known as the place where “Man Becomes God” or in our case, “Women Become Goddesses”.  It lived up to its promise.

I had been successfully avoiding “the call” for quite some time, but this time my soul insisted there be no more dilly-dallying. The planet is in pain and the time is now for transformational coaches and healers to activate their superpowers and let the healing begin.

But before any of us can heal the world, we have to heal ourselves. This requires a deep dive into the truth of who we are – light and dark, creator and destroyer, lover and fighter, and all things magnificent and unmentionable.

You understand why I avoided the call for half a century?

In all honesty I wasn’t avoiding it so much as not stepping fully into it. I had many moments of recognition of who I was and what that would require of me and I chose not to fully act on this information.

Partly because it made me seem too woo-woo and strange to most people and partly because I didn’t know what I was doing. Most times it just felt like I was making stuff up.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I told myself I was just playing around and pretending to know stuff, command the elements, and manifest the miraculous.

But the truth is, I do know stuff. I can command air, fire, earth, and water.  I can manifest the miraculous.  And you can too.

I got my first real sense of this power when I started a tapping practice. Tapping allows me to move massive amounts of energy and get at the root causes, vows, and agreements that keep me stuck in certain emotional loops. (The last post –  The Vows – was written after a tapping session.)

Tapping with a group can intensify the results. For me, learning to manage this energy has been tricky. After one particularly powerful group tapping session, I threw up for three days. Since I hadn’t been sick in over 10 years, this got my attention. Even though I can’t actually see the energy, I have to respect it and take the necessary precautions to work with it.

Just as a surgeon scrubs in and prepares herself and her patients with the proper pre-surgery protocols, I have learned to do the same.  I’ve established a set of rituals and boundaries that protect me and my clients while allowing the energy to move in and through us.

For me this is a combination of applying essential oils, calling in my Divine Assistance Team to open to the energy, grounding myself by feeling my feet firmly on the floor, and then releasing it all by grounding again when the process is complete.

It’s a bit like riding a dragon.  Wild, unruly, daring, powerful, potentially dangerous, out of control, magical, miraculous, breathtaking, thrilling, and unimaginably mind-blowing.

So, yes, if you intend to ride a dragon, riding lessons are required.

Today I start a series of classes with shaman Meghan Gilroy called The Secrets of Shamanism to hone my skills and train my dragon for more consistent and intentional results.

Because as Meghan was told by her mentor, riding a dragon can be alternatively  terrifying and exhilarating. But in the end you realize you are riding a frickin’ dragon.

Amazing! Who gets to do that?

You do, if you choose.


If you’d like to learn more about transformational coaching and what it can do for you, follow my 12 Days of Coaching starting December 4, 2017 at or email me at for more info.







The Vows — October 16, 2017

The Vows


To those who know me, this poem may need a little explaining.  As I mentioned in our Sunday Stretch Series video, the whole point in sharing this very personal, very intense poem is because I truly believe in order to get to forgiveness, and ultimately to love, we have to burn through layers upon layers of anger.

A year ago I was at an event with Susan Hyatt and picked up a stone that read “Let go of anger.”  Well, that just pissed me off because I thought, “I’m not angry!”

As is often the case, I get a sign before I even know I’m looking for one. The rock message was no exception. When I joined Margaret M. Lynch’s coaching program and we started tapping (using EFT) through the chakras, it became clear I may be a little angry.

And yes, it frightened me.

Who knew all the anger bottled up inside me was preventing me from really opening my heart?  I spent 5 days in June getting certified in an emotional grueling Ignite Your Power process that addressed anger and all the other shadow issues hanging out in the lower chakras.  We just kept tapping through them, day after day. Tapping allowed us to safely move our emotions, to feel our rage without anyone actually getting hurt or feeling the brunt of it.

And eventually my heart cracked open. And continues to do so every single day.

But first I had to move the anger. I had to recognize the good girl vows I took to be liked, to play nice, to be a law-abiding citizen, and not embarrass my family or friends and break them.

I also had to go to the pyramids of Teotihuacán with a shaman and 16 soul sisters and die a symbolic death, but that’s another story.

I share the result of breaking of these vows in the poem below. I do so with the hope that you might look at your own unspoken vows or agreements and rewrite them.

For years I denied my power and silenced my voice.  Just recently I made a new vow in front of several witnesses to Own My Throne.  So with complete vulnerability I offer you The Vows.  (Despite a large vocabulary at my disposal, sometimes swearing is the only way to convey the intensity of an emotion. If you are easily offended, substitute something that suits your sensibilities.)

If you need help getting to the other side of your anger or finding your way back to love, please reach out to me.  Leave a comment below or email me at I have a whole tapping protocol  and coaching program focused specifically on tapping through the chakras that is incredible effective in dealing with this.

The Vows

Copyright 2017 – Penny Plautz


Whatever vow I made to play small and stay safe,

I rescind

so that I can live large and grow freely.


Whatever vow I made to remain invisible,

I take back

so I can show up, be seen, and take my rightful place in the world.


Whatever vow I made to remain silent,

I vehemently reject

so I can speak my truth

and use my words and my voice to stand up for myself and those who have no voice.


Whatever vow I made to relinquish my power and play the victim,

I retract

so that I can use that power to transform lives.


Whatever vow of poverty I made along the holy path to spirit and service,

I revoke

to become the bounty hunter who recovers my own unlimited wealth.


Whatever vows I made to be broken or damaged,

I shatter into a million jagged pieces

and claim my right to be whole and perfect in my imperfections.


Whatever vows I made to be less than,

I declare null and void

as I am equal to any task, any situation, any person I face.


I break these vows with all the righteous indignation and fury I can summon.

I burn these vows in the blazing heat of my heart break.

In my death to what no longer serves,

I resurrect anger as a call to action

against all that is inconceivable, intolerable, or unjust.

I allow the anger I have swallowed for a lifetime

to flow through me,

and finally be felt,



and engulfed by the flame

that ultimately purifies, releases,

and sets me free.


Here’s what the encaged,

enraged anger, silenced for half a century,

has to say:

I am not just angry.

I am furious.

I am a raging, fire-breathing warrior goddess

and I am coming for you.


I am coming for you

the minute you cross the line,

the minute you take what’s mine,

the minute you violate my body,

the minute you underestimate me

or assume you know what’s best for me

or patronize me or manipulate me or attempt to silence me,

the minute you undervalue me or take advantage of me

or refuse to pay me what I am worth,

the minute you pull your little man shenanigans

or justify your good-old-boy, narcissistic, misogynistic behaviors

or start with your unsolicited attacks,

crazy-making chaos,

or I’m-the-boss-of-you bullshit,

I will come for you.


Because I have had enough.

I will have the last word.

I will get my way.

I will see that justice is done

I will protect and defend what’s mine

I will destroy you if that’s what it takes.

I have had a lifetime of fury

that I have medicated,



and compromised away

and I refuse


to deny it any longer.


I refuse to deny my anger

and allow you to take what you want from me.

I refuse to accommodate your wants and needs without any regard

for what it’s costing me and costing the world.

I refuse to be ashamed of this outrage,

this burning anger

this hot, molten indignation


and wiping out entire villages

of those who assumed

I didn’t mind,

It didn’t matter,

and they were justified in

raping and pillaging.


Those who saw me as powerless,




or deserving of the destruction.


Little did they know

they picked the wrong

Mother Fucker to cross.


Because now there is no compassion.

There is no mercy.

There is no channeling of my higher self.

That part of me is gone,

she has left the building in a murderous rage

and unleashed her evil twin into the wild.

She has summoned her shadow

and She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Fucked-With

is now at the helm.


My advice to you?


Run while you still can.

If her rage touches you

you will spontaneously combust

from the intensity.


This kamikaze fighter pilot

will go down in flames

before she allows you to ever again

dishonor, disrespect,

or do damage to her and all that she holds sacred.


No one protected the princess,

so she abdicated the throne.


And now the nice, quiet, good girl has come back

as the Queen of Badassery

to torch the list of vows taken

to ensure her survival

and replace them with this promise:

I Will Own My Throne.

The cycle of suffering stops with me.

I did not come here to be abused or abased of my power.

The only way to defend and protect my lineage

is to let this inferno of anger consume me,

envelope me,

and burn the old vows to the ground

so the new vows

can rise like the phoenix

from the ashes.


I came here to create, to love, to learn, to express,

to challenge, to rise, to fall, and ultimately, to forgive.

I came here to manifest the miraculous

and be a powerhouse of passion, purpose, and possibilities.

These are the new vows.

This is the legacy that starts with me.


After a lifetime of waiting for a Messiah

to deliver me from this anger,

I now know I am the one I’ve been waiting for.

I am the answer to my own prayers.


And when the anger subsides,

all that will remain

is a fierce commitment

to this new legacy of love.


I am the heir apparent to the Queendom.

It’s time for me to step into my rightful place

and Own My Throne.


God Save the Queen.

Copyright 2017 – Penny Plautz


Night Moves — October 7, 2017

Night Moves

child little girl at window dreaming and admiring starry sky at night

In the night when the world is not watching

I weave together the seen and unseen,

known and unknown,

barely conscious…

I feel my hands float

in patterns above my body

snatching bits and pieces of mischievous air

from the darkness,

redirecting their energy away from my sleeping dogs

and the man I love.

They are busy dreaming and have no awareness of

what I’m doing or why.

And, if the truth be told,

I don’t either.

I only know I will no longer deny

that my body instinctively knows

what to do to comfort and protect those in need.

I will no longer hesitate

to practice my particular brand of medicine

when doing so can heal a heart,

soothe a soul,

bridge a chasm,

or mend a moment that silently cries for attention.

As my hands float back down to my body,

one lands on my womb,

the other on my heart.

I breathe deeply

and know I am home.