Gold glitter

Although I’m awake,
the dream hangs on,
the emotions linger,
even as the characters and circumstances
fade away.

I close my eyes again,
hoping to fall back into the world I left behind,
but my awakening has rearranged this ethereal reality
and all that remains
are remnants that refuse to be
Humpty-Dumptied back to together again.

They are all snippets of a day or a week of odd awarenesses…
moments that seemed inconsequential
but registered in my unconscious
as fodder for further exploration
by my dreaming mind.

My dream world has always been as active and available
as my waking consciousness,
often leaving me with the unsettling assumption
that to declare one “the dream world
and the other “reality
could be a gross miscalculation.

Why then do I play by such stringent rules
in the reality I’m so certain I control?
Why do I not remind myself that if
 life is but a dream
I can re-imagine it
on my own terms?

To sleep, perchance to dream…
or “to awaken, perchance to live the dream…
perhaps that’s the real question.


©2018 Penny Plautz