Last week I traveled to Boston for the grand finale event of our year long coaching program with Margaret Lynch.  To say it was a miraculous year is an understatement.

I was able to do more in 12 months than I had in 12 years because I had an incredible community of support, solid training that made sense of all the programs and trainings that came before, and an unwavering commitment to leaving no stone unturned.

Being with my fellow Rockstars is a non-negotiable component of my success. Surrounding myself with others who are not only fearless in excavating the vows and beliefs that hold them back but actually taking action to remove these blocks has done wonders for igniting my power.

Saying goodbye to the safety of their support was so difficult.  So I did what I always do to move the emotions flooding my nervous system.  I wrote my way out of the pain.

corporate zen


My open heart breaks
as I board the plane home from Boston.

I can barely breathe,
although breathing is the only thing that can save me.

Each breath reminds me
that baring the exquisite pain of leaving this sacred circle
is possible only
by leaning into the intensity and vulnerability
and allowing my old identity to be sacrificed
on the alter of evolution.

The transformation has left me
as defenseless as the butterfly
emerging from the cocoon,
her wings heavy and wet,
dripping with the promise that soon
this new world order,
this unlikely re-imagination and integration of self
will allow me to fly.