child little girl at window dreaming and admiring starry sky at night

In the night when the world is not watching
I weave together the seen and unseen,
known and unknown,
barely conscious…
I feel my hands float
in patterns above my body
snatching bits and pieces of mischievous air
from the darkness,
redirecting their energy away from my sleeping dogs
and the man I love.

They are busy dreaming and have no awareness
of what I’m doing or why.

And, if the truth be told,
I don’t either.

I only know I will no longer deny
that my body instinctively knows
what to do to comfort and protect those in need.

I will no longer hesitate
to practice my particular brand of medicine
when doing so can heal a heart,
soothe a soul,
bridge a chasm,
or mend a moment that silently cries for attention.

As my hands float back down to my body,
one lands on my womb,
the other on my heart.

I breathe deeply
and know I am home.